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NEXEL Prime Web Service Store

First time working with us? No problem! If you already spoken to me and want to move forward, please make a payment (first deposit) to the appropriate web package of your choice. If your website has been completed, please make your final deposit. Otherwise, all monthly payments pertaining to hosting and other recurring services will be made payable here. A courtesy email is always sent to remind you of any outstanding and recurring charges.

Pricing Information

Please contact us for free consultation (for multiple visits to your business with subsequent website drafting). Listed below are our separate installation packages (#1-3) and benefits (#4).


Check Out This Quick Presentation

For a brief overview of modern website essentials that could make or break your online business reputation (click or tap to download)!


#1: We handle your web design needs & updates (the latter at no extra charge) 

#2: We design responsive websites (works on all screens, smartphones to smart TVs)  

 #3: We help place website ads where you keep 100% of profits 

#4: We personally send site analytics to ensure you’re in the know of your online traffic

#5: We adhere to SEO (search engine optimization) standards so that your website is readily found by online customers looking for your business


#6: We carry out anti-spam measures to ensure only customers (and not bots) contact you

#7: We also create business cards with QR codes that customers can scan on their phones to save your contact information & instantly visit your website


Not Convinced? I Urge You to Check Out These Tools Below:

Click above (left) to see how your website appears via various screen sizes. If your website is not responsive, it means that its layout and content are not properly adjusting to the change in dimensions (length & width) presented by each device. That said, it’s important to have your website’s appearance scale accordingly to various screen sizes given that Google’s SEO algorithm will help boost search rankings among online browsers (adhering to this is required).

Checkout the link above (right) to generate a mobile-friendly interactive draft of your site (if not already mobile). Copy and paste your url and wait for the conversion on the right screen to load. Once loaded, you can see what difference in user experience it makes in having readable text, an options menu, and an image gallery, among other improvements not seen or noticeable without.