Cosplay Corner

Calling All Cosplayers of All Ages!

Welcome! This is Cosplay Corner, a place where fans of anything pop-culture related (from today’s and yesterday’s most notable movies, cartoons, comic books and video games alike) can come to and have a worthy snapshot of their costumes taken for personal enjoyment or for cherishing the moment amongst friends and to the world.

Our photo taking process is simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works:


  1. Step on to our green screen and pose for the camera. We take solo photos, photos for duos, trios and groups  – who ever you want in and how ever many you want that we can fit in.


2. Go for an extra or two more takes / poses if needed, no extra charge. We do this to ensure that there’s no blinking or that you can demonstrate more styles of showing off your cosplay.

3. Take your online pass. This allows you to see your photo(s) upon coming home – these are edited and will be put on different thematic backgrounds that replace the green screen shot with you in cosplay. If you love your photos and want to make a purchase for digital files (and/or even physical prints), the option is available so you can hold on to your memories and start sharing!