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Do you have any home movies, family photos or important papers that you’d like to be digitized? Do you know what digitizing even means?

Digitizing is the process in which media such as video, audio, images and documents are copied via scanning or recording and stored in a database (i.e. via cloud storage or an external hard drive).

Such a database serves many useful purposes. First and foremost, this is an archive that acts as a backup for all your personal files in case the originals ever get damaged or lost. Second, said archive can be organized neatly and meticulously, to the point where thousands of different samples of media (including in formats such as photos and videos) can be readily accessed with only a few clicks or taps on a device.

In addition to these advantages, this service offers physical delivery to make sure your digitized media is accessed in a readable and viewable format. Here are the options:


So what are you waiting for? Do you have countless recorded family memories that you want to showcase proudly and effortlessly for that family reunion? Or perhaps you have a social media profile that you might want to spruce up and add your favorite memories leading up to the present day to tell your story to your followers?

Whatever the purpose is, we will help you preserve and make sure your personal media is presentable to the highest degree. Plus…we also help with organizing digital files (Mac, Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones) alongside physical hardware and digital software setup/installation.